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Swiss Snow Happening
Synchro Carving Feb 4th, 2010
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Aspen Team Diva 2014: Purple Jackets, Blue pants
Aspen Team Diva-Ettes 2014:White Jackets, Purple pants
Aspen Team Diva-Lution 2014: Black Jackets, Pink pants

1st Row left to right: Emilie Tait-Jamieson, Nicole Marx, Jennifer Jakob Rupert, Claire Sacco,
Maddie Voshell, Jenny Williams, Emma Gildesgame, Jenny MacArthur, Candace Crosby

2nd Row left to right:  Andrea Bishop, Luciana Salgado, Sophie Lancaster, Heidi Kanayan, Kelly Beairsto,
Barb Hurwitz, Mallory Meloy, Chloe Merry, Alisa Elliot. Kimberly Welsh, Stephanie Brown (Coach)

3rd Row left to right:  Josh Fogg (Coach), Alex Voshell (Coach), Amy DaRosa, Jacqui Forster,
Sonia Marzec, Molly Irwin Fogg, Maca Carluccio, Laurel Gladden