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Aspen World Synchro Championships 2017
April 7,8,9 2017



National Competition in Telluride, CO
Date change, February 2017 3rd 4th
Telluride to Host National Synchro Ski Championships in 2017 TWO DAY EVENT TO BRING BEST
Today, Telluride Ski & Golf Resort announced that it will be hosting the
National Ski Championships in January 2017.
This invitationonal event will take place early
February 3rd 4th, and gives some of the best synchro
skiers in the country an opportunity to compete for a national championship.  
link to PDF file with info

Racing20%  Bumps10%  Synchro70%

Link to 2016 Results
1st place - Telluride Ghostriders
2nd - Argenteam
3rd - Whistler Demo Team
4th - Aspen Demo Team
6th - Beaver Creek Epic Chix
8th - Southern Synchro Skiers
9th - Argengirls

Link to Diva youtube       Link to Facebook Album AWSC 2014

2016 1st place- Telluride Ghostriders

Divas invite all World Wide Synchro teams to come and challenge the
Divas and all the World's best synchro teams in Aspen for competition
with added elements of Racing and Bumps.
All disciplines are welcome:
Skiing/Snowboarding/Telemark/Adaptive/Kids. Women's, Men's, & Mixed teams  

The Aspen World Synchro Championships came to be after the former
“Battle of the Ski Schools” competition from Vail and Whistler ended in 2002.  
The Women of Aspen Team Diva have been hosting the
Aspen World Synchro Championships since 2003.
The Divas also hosted a National event in 2000 prior to the
Battle of the Ski Schools in Vail.  
What is Synchro Competition? It's Snowsports as a Team Sport
Synchronized skiing/snowboarding offers pros a fantastic social and
technical opportunity to make it a team event.
Teams are comprised of eight or six members, as well as one alternate,
who work together to create exciting ever-changing formations
with technical precision and skill all performed to music and the
cheers of the crowd.  We look forward to welcoming new and returning teams,
National and International.
format will be one training day and 2 competition days!
Day one Practice, Race and Bumps Day two, and Synchro day three.
Synchro comp sections will have 4 passes in total.
The second pass will be the all
NEW mandatory school figure with changes for 2015
along with three free passes of the team's own choice of choreography.

We look forward to hearing of your team's interest and any inquiries you may have.
We hope we have sparked your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
Please pass the word.
Come sync with everyone in April.

For more information on the format, please visit our
format page.
To Register, please visit our Registration page, left side.
Please visit all the links on the left for all the information teams need to know.

or email:

Link to 2012 Team photos

Helmets are mandatory
Helmets and Googles are mandatory for Race
Registration Entry Form Due Feb 15th & Entry Fee Due on March 1st
We look forward to seeing everyone in April 2016.

happy and safe training!!

See more action and competition photos on our facebook page
Aspen Divas.
Email Team Diva
Aspen World Synchro Championships
Aspen Divas: Ski and Life Coaching Week for Women
Photo by Mark Borderick
.com videos
TEAMS 2008
Photo by Mark Borderick
Photo by Linda Guerrette
White Jackets/Black Pants, Beaver Creek Telenators, Lime Green Jackets/Black Pants - Snowmass Demo Team,
Red Jackets - Telluride Ghostriders,
Light Blue Jackets - Keystone Demo Team,
Darker Blue Jackets - Beaver Creek Demo Team,
Black Jackets/Pink Pants - Aspen Team Diva,  
Yellow Jackets/White Pants - Beaver Creek Epic Chix, Pink Jackets/White Pants - Aspen Team Diva-ettes,
Dark Purple Jackets/White Pants - Aspen Belles
missing: Aspen Demo Team, Snowmass Massive Snowboard Team (Village People)
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Synchro Carving Feb 4th, 2010
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Canadian Powder 8's Lake Louise, 2012
Photo by Mark
Aspen Team Diva 2012: Black Jackets, Pink pants
back row: Karina Alder, Kelly Beairsto, Anne-Sophie Koehn,
Stephanie Brown (coach), Mariana Tedin Salazar,
Georgie Bremner, Jenny MacArthur
front row: Nico Rienaecker, Jennifer Jakob Rupert
missing from photo: Cindy Leuchtenburg
Aspen Team Diva-Ettes 2012: Pink Jackets, White pants
back row: Jesse Hall, Sonia Marzec, Susan Lee,
Scott Mattice (coach), Jacqui Horton Forster, Nicole Marx
front Row: Erin McGovern Mattice, Andrea Bishop, Tami Word
Teams 2011
DIVAS - 2014 Aspen World Synchro Champions!!!
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Aspen Team Diva 2013: Black Jackets, Pink pants
Aspen Team Diva-Ettes 2013: Pink Jackets, White pants

back row: Andrea Bishop, Emilie Tait-Jamieson, Annabel Ottowa, Maddie Voshell, Amy DaRosa, Paul Bowman,
Mariana Tedin Salazar, Joanie Anderson, Maca Carluccio, Barb Hurwitz, Jacqui Horton Forster, Elli MacColl, Susan Lee
front row: Caitlin Feasey, Jenny MacArthur,  Jennifer Jakob Rupert, Mallory Meloy, Karina Alder,
Kelly Beairsto (Coach), Stephanie Brown (Coach), Jenny Williams, Heather Tattersall
Photo by Mark Borderick
Aspen Team Diva 2014: Purple Jackets, Blue pants
Aspen Team Diva-Ettes 2014:White Jackets, Purple pants
Aspen Team Diva-Lution 2014: Black Jackets, Pink pants

1st Row left to right: Emilie Tait-Jamieson, Nicole Marx, Jennifer Jakob Rupert, Claire Sacco, Maddie Voshell,
Jenny Williams, Emma Gildesgame, Jenny MacArthur, Candace Crosby

2nd Row left to right:  Andrea Bishop, Luciana Salgado, Sophie Lancaster, Heidi Kanayan, Kelly Beairsto,
Barb Hurwitz, Mallory Meloy, Chloe Merry, Alisa Elliot. Kimberly Welsh, Stephanie Brown (Coach)

3rd Row left to right:  Josh Fogg (Coach), Alex Voshell (Coach), Amy DaRosa, Jacqui Forster, Sonia Marzec,
Molly Irwin Fogg, Maca Carluccio, Laurel Gladden
Photo by Mark Borderick

Aspen Team Diva 2015
3rd Place Aspen World Synchro Championships! Purple Jackets, Blue pants
Aspen Team Diva-Ettes: White Jackets, Purple pants
Aspen Team Diva-Lution: Black Jackets, Pink pants

Back Row: Joshua Fogg, Luciana Salgada, Martina Dobosova, Emilie Tait-Jamieson,
Andrea Bishop, Kimberly Welsh, Jo Lawson, Maddison Harris Voshell, Claire Sacco,
Jacqui Horton Forster, Molly Fogg, Laurel Elizabeth Gladden, Amy DaRosa, Alex Voshell

Middle Row: Maz (Marian) Krogh, Elaine Bailey, Jenny Williams, Danisa Guardatti,
Kelly Beairsto, Stephanie Brown, Carolina Vivo, Kelsey McPherson, Caro Puebla

Front Row: Heidi Mae, Mallory Meloy, Kim Peterson Roberts, Chloe Merry,
Sam Van Zandt, Georgie Bremnerr, absent: Pili Gomez (injured)
Photo by Mark Borderick
Photo by Mark Borderick
TEAMS 2008