Aspen Team Diva 1998
Competed in BOSS (Battle of the Ski Schools) in Vail, April 16-18
A Team - 1st in Women's Division

Link to BOSS 1998 Results

1998 Grey Yannick suit with Navy and Yellow accents
Coach: Jerry Berg
1998 Diva B Team
Jen Jakobs, Mel Drady, Rio Jacober (Coach), Kristina VonTrapp (Trappy), Juliette Malley,
Cindy Buck, Shannon McDermott, Margo Cuttita, Kristen Heath
1998 Diva A Team
Karina Alder, Sarah Ricardson, Karina Anderson, Cathy McNice, Jessie Berg, Martha Rose, Goog Fahey, Joanie Valentine
1998 Team - Aspen A
Sara Richardson, Karina Alder, Joanine Vaentine
1998 Diva A Team
back row: Karina Anderson, Sarah Ricardson, Jessie Berg, Cathy McNice
front row: Martha Rose, Goog Fahey, Joanie Valentine, Karina Alder
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