Aspen Team Diva 1999
Competed in BOSS (Battle of the Ski Schools) in Vail, April 2-24
2nd in Women's Division

Link to BOSS 1999 Results

1999 Grey with Blue and Orange accents, Avalanche suit
Coach: Jerry Berg
back row: Jen Jakobs, Kristina VonTrapp (Trappy), Tanja Heller, Kelly Beairsto, Shannon McDermott, Jerry Berg, Cindy Carlson
front row: Martha Rose, Harley Mechanic Mike, Cathy McNice, Dominique Ezquerra, Jessie Berg, Melissa Drady, Sandra Lukic, Lena Halberg
Kristina VonTrapp (Trappy )
Tanja Heller
Jessie Berg
Melissa Drady
Jamie Maybon
Jen Jakob s
Shannon McDermott
Martha Rose
Dominique Ezquerra
Kelly Beairsto
Sandra Lukic
Cathy McNice, Jessie Berg
Jen Jakobs, Tanja Heller
Martha Rose
Sandra Lukic, Dominique Ezquerra
Sara Richardson, Karina Alder, Joanine Vaentine
1998 Team - Aspen A
Kristina VonTrapp (Trappy), Tanja
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