Aspen Team Diva 2005
2005 Blue jacket with Black and Grey accents, Grey pants, Avalanche suit
Aspen Team Diva 2005
Back Row: Jamie Maybon, Jeanne Buck, Kelly Beairsto, Matt Price, Stephanie Brown, Jen Jakobs
Front Row: Alli Stepp, Karina Alder, Jenny MacArthur, Joanne Kates, Georgie Bremner, Genvieve Boucher      
Absent from photo: Tricia Hohl, Katie Brooks  

COACHES: Matt Price, Stephanie Brown    
Aspen Team Diva 2005
Back Row: Georgie Bremner, Jen Jakobs, Karina Alder, Genvieve Boucher, Matt Price, Kelly Beairsto, Jamie Maybon, Joanne Kates
Front Row: Tricia Hohl, Stephanie Brown, Jeanne Buck
Absent from photo:  Alli Stepp, Jenny MacArthur, Katie Brooks  

COACHES: Matt Price, Stephanie Brown    
Competed in the Aspen World Synchro Championships, April 7-8
2nd in Women's Divsion, 6th Overall

Link to AWSC 2005 Full Results
Action Photo
Back Row: Jeanne Buck, Karina Alder, Georgie Bremner, Matt Price,
Jamie Maybon, Kelly Beairsto, Genvieve Boucher    
Front Row: Joanne Kates, Jen Jakobs, Stephanie Brown, Alli Stepp, Katie Brooks
S: Matt Price, Stephanie Brown  Absent from photo: Tricia Hohl , Jenny MacArthur
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