Jill Dorken
Jemma Hunt
Karina Alder
Genevieve Bell
Georgie Bremner
Jeanne Buck
Sarah Liddell
Jenny MacArthur
Jodie Logan
Matt Price
Stephanie Brown
Megan Harvey
Team 2006
Back Row: Jeanne Buck, Jill Dorken, Karina Alder, Georgie Bremner, Genevieve Boucher, Megan Harvey, Kelly Beairsto    
Front Row: Jodie Logan, Jemma Hunt, Stephanie Brown, Jenny MacArthur, Sarah Liddell, Matt Price
Stephanie Brown, Matt Price  absent: Megan Harvey
Aspen Team Diva 2006

2006 Blue jacket with Black and Grey accents, cream pants, Avalanche suit

Competed in the Aspen World Synchro Championships
2nd in Women's Divsion, 3rd Overall
Action Photo
Team 2006
Back Row: Stephanie Brown, Jodie Logan, Matt Price
Middle Row: Genevieve Boucher, Jeanne Buck, Karina Alder, Sarah Liddell, Jemma Hunt,
Front Row: Kelly Beairsto, Jill Dorken, Jenny MacArthur, Georgie Bremner,  Megan Harvey
Coaches: Stephanie Brown, Matt Price absent: Megan Harvey
Team 2006
Kelly Beairsto, Jeanne Buck, Jemma Hunt, Sarah Liddell, Megan Harvey,
Jill Dorken, Georgie Bremner, Jenny MacArthur, Genevieve Boucher, Karina Alder,    
absent: Jodie Logan,Coaches: Stephanie Brown, Matt Price
Kelly Beairsto(Team Manager)
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